Accurate Modeling of Existing Conditions Pays Off in Building Projects

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An accurate model of existing conditions in a building or plant is worth its weight in gold to the designer of a renovation or equipment installation project. And that’s created incredible opportunities for automated scanning and modeling technologies. Accurate as-built models provide compounding payoff. Just about every project planned for an existing structure can benefit from a high-quality representation of the as-built environment. Architects can design expansions and renovations more precisely when they know exactly … Read More

Classified Point Cloud: The Future is Intelligent

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Much effort is made of extracting a point cloud’s inherent value. For example, EdgeWise interprets point cloud data, identifies building elements and creates corresponding model representations in Revit, AutoCAD, etc. Hardware innovations strive to add more value to the point cloud as well, including capture of color, reflectivity and other information associated with any one point. It’s important then, for us to consider the future of the point cloud, its applications, and how it aligns … Read More

Laser Scanner 101: Which Platform is Right for Your Job?

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Laser scanner technology is evolving rapidly, and there’s a device for just about every 3D modeling job you might face. As scanning technology improves along accuracy, cost and scan time dimensions, their platforms are becoming increasingly varied and more dynamic. Here’s a quick roundup of the most common types of scanner platforms on the market today for as-built modeling projects. Stationary Scanners for High Accuracy Ideal for: Large area, high accuracy Stationary (a.k.a. static) scanners … Read More