Automated Feature Extraction + Object Recognition + Revit Integration = Fast & Accurate Building Models.

Create as-built BIMs faster than ever before.

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EdgeWise for Building Modeling

Modeling buildings from scan data in Autodesk® Revit® is costly and time-consuming, to be sure! EdgeWise incorporates groundbreaking algorithms that can identify and extract some of the most common building features from point clouds and automatically create Revit family objects. Your models will export seamlessly to Revit as intelligent models, saving you countless hours.

“Revolutionizing Revit modeling from scan data like nothing else on the market!”
- Larry Kleinkemper, CEO, Lanmar Services

EdgeWise for Building Modeling Features Include:

Full Revit Integration Dramatically Speeds Your Scan-to-Revit Workflow

The ClearEdge scientists worked closely with the Autodesk team to ensure full integration with Revit. Walls, windows, doors and other planar features extracted by EdgeWise will be imported directly to Revit Family objects. This deep integration with Revit means key object intelligence, such as family type, is maintained when the EdgeWise model is brought into Revit.

Automatically Extract Walls and Surfaces in the Scene

The EdgeWise algorithms have been fine-tuned to extract the maximum amount of planar features from point clouds. The latest release of EdgeWise will give you a major competitive advantage in your as-built BIM modeling workflow by automatically extracting and exporting wall and surface family objects.

Object Recognition Technology Automatically Identifies and Inserts Appropriate Revit Family Objects

The object recognition technology in EdgeWise can identify and extract recurring items in a data set and then export them to the correct Revit families. Now you’ll be able to quickly find windows, doors and other features in a project and automatically export them to the appropriate Revit families.

Billion Point Visualization Engine Gives a Photo-realistic View of the Scene

The new ClearView point cloud visualization engine has the ability to show billions of points in a single scene. This photo-realistic view of your project allows you to precisely verify the accuracy of your model and make any minor adjustments with our suite of editing tools.

Groundbreaking New Technology Funded by the National Science Foundation

The object recognition technology, feature extraction algorithms and automated modeling routines in EdgeWise represent the most advanced technology development initiative in the industry. Funded by two generous grants from the National Science Foundation, the algorithms at the core of EdgeWise advance the state-of-the-art in automated modeling like nothing before.



  • Full Revit integration brings EdgeWise models directly into Revit as correct family objects
  • Automatically extract walls, windows, doors and other planar features
  • Automatically merge overlapping surfaces into a single model
  • Batch process up to 1,000 scans and an unlimited number of points
  • Object recognition technology recognizes and extracts recurring items such as windows, doors, equipment and other critical objects
  • Key intelligence is automatically calculated and logged in our SmartSheet™ table of objects
  • Semi-automated editing tools allow you to adjust the extracted walls, windows and other surfaces and objects if necessary
  • AutoCAD, MicroStation and other CAD platforms are also supported in addition to Autodesk Revit

“At every facility that’s out there, it’s not plumb, and it’s not straight, and it’s not flat. The QA tools in extraction software are very helpful in understanding their true conditions.”

- Greg Hale, CTO, HaleTiP