Reduce Modeling Time by Up to 75% with the Automated Pipe & Plant Modeling Tools in EdgeWise!

Automated feature extraction that brings you from field to finish faster than ever before.

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EdgeWise for Plant Modeling

EdgeWise offers a host of plant modeling features and tools to bring you from field-to-finish faster than ever before. Better automated pipe extraction, spec-driven fitting placement, billion-point visualization, and exacting quality assurance tools all combine to make EdgeWise a true end-to-end solution for plant modeling. Customers report substantial workflow savings of up to 75% with EdgeWise.

“EdgeWise saved us over 240 man-hours on a recent modeling project, with the automated results being spot on. There’s no way we could have provided a competitive quote without using this software.”

- James Earl, Managing Director, OR3D, Ltd.

EdgeWise for Plant Modeling Features Include:

Intelligent Model to Plant 3D, PDMS, AutoCAD, and More

EdgeWise offers unprecedented unprecedented integration with the most popular CAD and plant design platforms. EdgeWise models can be exported to CADWorx, Plant3D, or PDMS, with full attributes and intelligence.

Spec-driven Valve, Flange Placement

Easily insert dimensionally accurate valves, flanges, reducers or other components into a pipe run based on an industry specification table or a custom user-defined table.

ClearView Photo-Realistic Visualization Engine

The ClearView point cloud visualization engine has the ability to show billions of points in a single scene.

Enhanced QA Tools Ensure Total Accuracy

EdgeWise quality assurance tools allow you to check the accuracy of extracted pipes to ensure your model is true to the point cloud. Poorly fitted pipes can be easily resized and adjusted to the points to give you precise control over the accuracy of your model.

Pipe Extraction Algorithms Pull Out Nearly Every Pipe – Virtually Eliminating False Positives

EdgeWise algorithms have been dramatically enhanced to extract even more pipes from point clouds automatically. Up to 90% of the scene can be extracted—even small pipes—saving you countless hours of manual modeling.

Fast Finishing Tools for Quick Completion of Occluded Pipes

Occlusions in pipe runs can slow down your workflow and add hours to your modeling project. ClearEdge has created completely new algorithms that will accurately connect occluded regions of pipe, join elbows and move your workflow along in record time. Any missed pipes can be easily extracted from the point cloud using our fast manual extraction tool.



  • STEP 1: IMPORT POINT CLOUD: EdgeWise can process numerous formats including: .fls, .ptx, .ptg, .zfs, and .rsp.
  • STEP 2: EXTRACT PIPES: Up to 90% of the scene can be extracted automatically—even small pipes.
  • STEP 3: CONFIRM ACCURACY: QA tools verify accuracy of the extracted pipes against the point cloud.
  • STEP 4: EDIT, ADD COMPONENTS & FINISH: EdgeWise’s spec-driven component library allows you to place valves, flanges, or other fittings into the model. Fast pipe editing and finishing tools help you complete the model in record time.
  • STEP 5: ADD INTELLIGENCE & LAYERS: New SmartSheet™ technology captures key pipe intelligence in an easy-to-edit worksheet.
  • STEP 6: EXPORT TO CADWORX, PDMS, PLANT 3D AND MORE: EdgeWise is fully integrated with most of the major pipe design, facility management, and CAD platforms. Our plug-ins allow you to bring the EdgeWise intelligent models directly into PDMS, CADWorx, Plant 3D—nearly any CAD application.

“Edgewise models pipes at warp speed. We were able to complete our project at least 60% faster and the QA tools ensure pinpoint accuracy and control. It gives us a real competitive advantage bidding projects.”

- Nick Bobbitt, BIM Coordinator, 3D Imaging Services, Inc.