EdgeWise Feature Demonstrations

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EdgeWise Valve and Flange Export Feature

In this demonstration, we’re looking at the valve and flanges exporting update and how it improves upon EdgeWise. This feature is supported in Revit and will allow users export their models from EdgeWise and switch out Revit family objects for customized ones with ease using a new type combination for every standard component.

Automated Structure Technology in EdgeWise

In this demonstration, we’ll take a look at the new features in EdgeWise that extract properly specified steel and concrete. The technology compares a pattern against the point cloud at regular intervals. EdgeWise is actually fitting it to the point cloud so you can see if the job is done well.

EdgeWise Remainder Cloud Export Feature

Take a look at how this remainder cloud export feature on EdgeWise can be used to export points for all un-modeled objects to create lightweight point clouds. An exclusive distance tolerance will be used to determine if certain points belong to certain modeled objects. This feature is compatible with Revit and works through its insert point cloud tool, working off loaded models from EdgeWise.

EdgeWise Align Tool Feature

Check out the align tool used in EdgeWise! It has similar functionalities to the extend tool but instead of just working off one target surface it is able to work off two, adjusting the length and the height object to create better optimization for the user. The structural object can either be aligned from the top or the bottom and can be a used with multiple selections and sloped targeted surfaces, aligning even the smallest movements.

EdgeWise MEP’s SmartSheet Technology Captures

EdgeWise MEP’s SmartSheet technology gives you powerful tools to add intelligence, assign Revit families, and edit any individual pipe, an entire pipe run or any other component. The SmartSheet is integrated with the part info sheet and automatically updates changes made to any pipe, elbow or component in the model.

PDMS Plug-in Training Video

Check out this PDMS plug-in available in the EdgeWise Plant software. EdgeWise’s intelligent models can be brought into PDMS as fully functional, properly specified pipe models. This helps improve the accuracy and speed of your workflow by using full intelligence such as pipe diameter, pipe and component specification, as-built location.

Exporting to Revit as Family Objects

In this demonstration, engineers from ClearEdge3D have worked closely with the Revit product team to fully integrate their software with our EdgeWise Building software. Learn how the walls, windows, doors and other objects you extract in EdgeWise can be brought into Revit as properly assigned Revit families, saving you countless hours of manual modeling in Revit.

Quality Assurance Tools to Guarantee an Accur

Take a look at the exacting and useful set of QA and editing tools ClearEdge3D has built into the EdgeWise Building Revit plug-in! It gives you a new level of flexibility in verifying and adjusting the as-built Revit model to check the point clouds against the fit and snap of walls for precise as-built models.

EdgeWise Extend Tool Feature – Updated

With the extend tool feature in EdgeWise, it is the first tool that allows users to preview their extensions by simply hovering over a valid target surface. The extend tool also has three modes when intersecting an object with a target surface; intersect center based on the center line, intersect short, and intersect longest.

EdgeWise MEP – Automated Feature Extraction A

In this video you will see that the core innovation behind all of ClearEdge's software is the Automated Feature Extraction algorithms. Each release of EdgeWise has raised the bar on automated extraction and the new algorithms in EdgeWise MEP can extract up to 90% of the pipes in any size data set, helping users get a head start in completing their projects faster than ever before.

EdgeWise MEP – Automated Modeling Algorithms

Take a look at this set of auto-completion algorithms created for EdgeWise MEP that automatically joins extracted pipe pieces into the correct pipe run instead of having to trace them manually, saving users countless of hours. It ensures that the highest confidence connection is made and easily validated on SmartSheet where all the pipe runs are listed.

Introduction to EdgeWise Building

EdgeWise Building is a powerful tool to help you create as-built 3D building models in Revit faster and more accurately than ever before. The software uses groundbreaking new object recognition technology developed by ClearEdge3D with funding from the National Science Foundation, the leading technology research institute in the U.S. With this tool, users can extract repeated objects from point cloud data and bring them into Revit faster than ever before.

EdgeWise Enhanced Active Model UI Features

In this demonstration, we look at the quality-of-life enhancements in EdgeWise. The model tab is now dynamically renamed based on which type of model is active. When a pipe model is active, the piping tab will appear; when a structural model is activated, the piping tab is replaced with the structure tab. The new Highlight Active Model option recolors all loaded models to make the active model more apparent.

Extracting Planar Features from a Point Cloud

The core innovation behind all EdgeWise’s software is our Automated Feature Extraction algorithms. Each release has raised the bar on automated extraction and the new algorithms in EdgeWise Building can extract up to 90% of all planes in any size data set and saving up to 70% more time than that of a traditional modeling tool.

EdgeWise Overview Video

EdgeWise software from ClearEdge3D offers the fastest most accurate as-built modeling workflows in the AEC industry. Customers report savings of up to 70% over traditional, manual modeling.  The secret is in the software's groundbreaking technology. EdgeWise uses a combination of automated feature extraction algorithms, object recognition technology, pattern extraction, and auto-completion algorithms to help you go from field to finish faster than ever before. This short video will take you through the modeling capabilities of EdgeWise, including a look at the software's pipe, duct, structure, and architectural modeling tools.