Reduce Modeling Time by Up to 80% with the Automated Structural Modeling Tools in EdgeWise!

Accurately extract steel, concrete, and wooden structures faster than ever before.

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EdgeWise for Structural Modeling

Modeling steel from scan data can be a pain. Current software is slow and often inaccurate, leading to missed deadlines and cost overruns. EdgeWise changes all that by applying our advanced extraction algorithms and automated modeling technologies to accurately extract concrete, steel, and wooden structures up to 80% faster than ever before.

“EdgeWise saved us 50% out of the box. We expect even more savings as we fully integrate it into our workflow. The QC and editing tools are robust and the spec catalog is extensive. It makes modeling structure so much easier.”

- Keith McKinney, CEO, Piping Layout Consultants, Inc.

EdgeWise for Structural Modeling Features Include:

Extract Structural Members to Correct Specifications Faster than Ever Before

Whether you’re modeling beams or angle iron, channels or round tubes, EdgeWise’s structure extraction algorithms have been fine-tuned to automatically extract the correctly specified gridded structural member in just a few clicks. The software’s extensive library of steel members and our proprietary pattern matching algorithms mean a precise mathematical best-fit to the point cloud without having to tediously clean, clip or manipulate points.

Accurate Structural Extraction, Even from Fireproofed Steel

Even if the structural members in your project have been fireproofed, EdgeWise is able to quickly and accurately model the bare member. Our advanced modeling methodology allows you to efficiently extract and precisely position a member even with heavy fireproofing.

Full Integration with Revit and CAD Dramatically Speeds Your Field-to-Finish Workflow

The ClearEdge scientists worked closely with the Autodesk team to ensure full integration with Revit® software so that structural members extracted in EdgeWise are imported directly into Revit as structural family objects. This direct connection means that key intelligence, such as family type, spec, neutral axis and length, is transferred when the EdgeWise model is brought into Revit. EdgeWise also exports to AutoCAD®, Microstation® and most other CAD software applications.

Extensive Catalog of Structural Components Creates an Accurate Intelligent Model

EdgeWise’s catalog library has thousands of structural components from several different popular standards with more to come. Once you choose a particular catalog, EdgeWise analyzes the point cloud, inserts the correctly specified structural member and logs it in our SmartSheet™ parts list.

Robust Editing and QC Tools Allow for Fast and Accurate Finishing

Every extracted structural member is listed on our SmartSheet table for easy editing and QC. Extracted structural members can be extruded, moved, resized and refit using our set of easy-to-learn editing tools.

Groundbreaking New Technology Funded by the National Science Foundation

The feature extraction algorithms and automated modeling routines in EdgeWise represent a major advancement in the BIM and plant design industries. Funded by two generous grants from the National Science Foundation, the new algorithms at the core of EdgeWise push the envelop of modeling speed and accuracy.



  • Extract precise, correctly specified structural steel, concrete and wood members in just a few clicks – without clipping or cleaning your point cloud beforehand
  • Full Revit integration imports the EdgeWise structural models directly into Revit as intelligent structural family objects
  • Quickly extract bare structural members covered with fireproofing or other coatings
  • Key structural intelligence is automatically calculated and logged in our SmartSheet table of structural members
  • Exacting QC tools to verify the accuracy of the structural model
  • Easy-to-learn editing tools allow you to adjust, resize and refit extracted structural members
  • Batch process up to 1,000 scans and an unlimited number of points
  • ClearView photo-realistic point visualization engine gives you a high-definition view of your project
  • AutoCAD, Microstation and other CAD platforms supported in addition to Revit
  • Additional structural catalogues can be easily added

“At every facility that’s out there, it’s not plumb, and it’s not straight, and it’s not flat. The QA tools in extraction software are very helpful in understanding their true conditions.”

- Greg Hale, CTO, HaleTiP