KBR – As-Built Best Practices from One of the World’s Largest EPC’s

Improve As-Built Modeling Efficiency with Easy-to-Apply Expert Tips from KBR

KBR is scanning and delivering intelligent as-built models faster than ever before. And they want to tell us how they’re doing it in this insightful webinar on December 6th! 

Derrel Shaffer, P.E., As-Built Service Manager at KBR, Inc., joins us to talk about how they are successfully integrating today’s latest as-built modeling technologies into their scan-to-PDMS workflows and how this not only delights their customers but gives them a competitive edge in the industry.

The webinar will feature six pulp-and-paper and chemical plant case studies that convey specific, easy-to-apply tools, tips, and workflows that will allow you to scan data faster and eliminate the need for remodeling in PDMS. 

Even if you are not a PDMS user, this webinar will deliver actionable tips and insights to make your field-to-finish projects more efficient.

Attendees will learn more about:

  • The single most critical step in KBR’s scan-to-PDMS workflow — and how it not only enhances communications with customers, but the key role it also plays for projects on accelerated schedules!
  • Why KBR uses target-based constraint registration in almost all their projects.
  • How to minimize errors significantly during scan registration with an easy-to-apply tip!
  • The most effective strategy for estimating the scope of your work in your field-to-finish projects — it’ll help you set clear expectations and smooth your workflows.
  • How KBR successfully modeled tens of thousands of pipes on a massive pulp and paper project… and much more!

Please join us on December 6th at 1pm EST and set yourself up for success on your next as-built project. Registration is FREE, so sign up today (and don’t forget to invite your colleagues, too)!
Note: even if you cannot attend the webinar on Dec. 6th, register anyway—that way you’ll be among the first to be notified when the recording becomes available!

Live Webinar, Thursday, December 6th at 1 PM EST

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Your Presenters Include:

Derrel Shaffer, P.E.,
As-Built Service Manager, KBR


Jason Moran, EdgeWise Product Manager, CleaEdge3D


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