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Best Practice Indoor Mobile Mapping: A Case Study in Advancing Large-Scale Office Projects

How PrecisionPoint reduced data collection time by 10 days & completed wall modeling in under 30 mins in a large-scale office project!

Using terrestrial laser scanning and manual extraction can be a slow and arduous process when working on large-scale projects. In this webinar, you’ll learn how James Wott, Project Manager of PrecisionPoint leveraged the latest Indoor Mobile Mapping and auto-extraction technologies to scan and model a 100,000 sqft office space significantly faster than with traditional workflows. He’ll also share insightful best practice tips he learned along the way. 

Here are just a few things you’ll learn: 

  • How PrecisionPoint reduced their data collection time by 10 days when scanning this 100K sqft office space
  • The tool that enabled James to automatically model most of the walls in the project in under 30 mins — all with just the push of a button! 
  • How James was able to model all the piping 3 weeks faster!
  • Data capturing and processing best practice tips when utilizing tripod and mobile scanners in a single project 
  • Why you don’t always need the LOA a terrestrial scanner provides 

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Webinar Presenter & Host Information:


James Wott, Project Manager at PrecisionPoint


Kelly Cone, VP of Industry Strategy at ClearEdge3D


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