Thursday, November 14th at 1:00 pm EST

From Scan to Floor Plan Faster: Introducing a New Workflow for Indoor Mobile Mapping

Get an exclusive live streamed demo of our new Indoor Mobile Mapping workflow that combines the HERON, state-of-the-art mobile scanning system from GEXCEL and the brand new EdgeWise Building, the next generation of as-built modeling software for faster floor plan creation.

Live scanning and modeling stream from Manassas, VA - our team of industry professionals will attempt to scan and create a finished Revit floor plan of our ClearEdge3D office! The HERON’s groundbreaking SLAM algorithms collect data cleaner and faster than any other Mobile system—we know, we’ve tried them all.

Webinar takeaways include:

  • Easily improve data accuracy with mobile mapping technology
  • Register data on the fly as you walk through a site
  • Auto-extract as-built walls with a single click in the new EdgeWise Building
  • Model floor plans from any form of reality capture data faster
  • Create idealized as-built models that successfully meld point cloud precision with Revit's reporting sensibilities

Use the form on this page to reserve your spot as our live webinar guest on Thursday November 14th at 1:00 pm EST. Have other plans? Register anyway to find out as soon as the recording is posted!

Watch Us Scan And Model A Floor Plan Live — Register Today!


Kelly Cone

Kelly Cone, VP of Industry Strategy at ClearEdge3D

Jacob D'Albora


Trevor McGough, Senior Applications Specialist at ClearEdge3D


Jason Moran, Product Manager at ClearEdge3D


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