Real-Time Floor Flatness & Levelness with Rithm for Navisworks

Learn to reduce ASTM E1155 reporting from days to minutes, performing  streamlined FF/FL analysis with scan data loaded into Autodesk® Navisworks®

Current workflows for obtaining flat floors with contact techniques like the Dipstick® are costly and time-consuming. The good news is that laser scanning is transforming FF/FL analysis—Did you know you can scan concrete, perform analysis, and even fix errors while it’s still wet and workable?

Watch this webinar video to discover how Rithm for Navisworks can help you generate industry compliant FF/FL reports in-house, in minutes, with near real-time insight on flooring, wall, and beam deviations.

Highlights from the session include:

  • 3:25 - Get an overview of Rithm and learn how it can help increase the efficiency of your next FF/FL project while reducing costs
  • 8:42 - Discover how to conveniently remove any unnecessary items like junk, equipment & dust piles using Rithm’s Debri Filter
  • 13:32 - Perform actionable FF/FL analysis, identifying flooring issues with heat & contour maps. You’ll find out the best use cases for each one!
  • 17:11 - Learn how to obtain grid elevation points you can easily load into a robotic total station for further QA analysis using Rithm
  • 22:23 - Own your QA workflows and save thousands! Check out how to generate ASTM E1155 reports in-house, in minutes
  • 31:00 - Listen in on the Q&A session for information on  pricing, export options, different use cases and more!


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Webinar Presenter Information:


Zoltan Ferenczy 

Industry Strategist



Kelly Cone

VP of Industry Strategy



(p) +1 (866) 944-8210
(e) marketing@clearedge3d.com