Scan to BIM 102: Project Planning Best Practices

Scan to BIM projects usually don’t go south during the final stages. It almost always happens before you even start the job. From not fully understanding and communicating the scope of work to not properly accounting for site logistics early on, lack of planning becomes a liability that triggers all kinds of issues that lead to project failure. 

But with Scan to BIM still being relatively new in the industry, what do you even need to consider when creating a successful project plan? Plus, how do you factor remote work into the mix?

In this first Scan to BIM University class of our Spring 2021 semester, you’ll learn project planning best practices, lessons learned, tips, and hacks from our panelists that will help you identify and successfully address critical areas that can break your Scan to BIM projects if not planned properly, and how you can still thrive when working in a remote environment.  

Highlights from the session include:

  • 7:12 – Find out the single most important question to ask your clients when determining the scope of work—the answer will be critical for planning your workflows properly!

  • 18:43 – Apply this great building documentation tip by Scott Reed to easily help end users understand the technology involved in a job and work you’ll be doing

  • 22:45 – Check out how our expert panelists estimate their jobs, considering key variables like number of scans, project type, logistics, and square footage

  • 41:26 – Discover staffing best practices tips you can apply as you scale your business, including maximizing internal resources and developing relationships in the industry

  • 51:10 – Everyone always wants to complete projects faster. Find out different areas where you can streamline your Scan to BIM project schedules—leveraging tools like BIM 360

  • 56:51 – Find out how you can protect yourself against things that can go wrong in your project developing robust contracts

Discover how to ensure customer satisfaction, delivering projects on-time and within budget with these actionable Scan to BIM project planning insights!


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Guest Panelist & Host Information:


Samantha Houk


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Hale TiP




John Russo







Scott Reed







Kelly Cone


VP of Industry Strategy




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