Scan to BIM 103: Data Collection Deep Dive


Successful as-built data collection sets the stage for smooth downstream registration and modeling workflows. Understanding the customers’ end goal and choosing the right scanner for the job is a great start, but this is meaningless if your data acquisition approach is not planned and executed properly! 

In this live webinar, you’ll learn best practices that will help make your Scan to BIM hardware selection easier and allow you to create data collection action plans that are tailored to your industry and project needs. You’ll discover how to tackle field challenges that may arise on different projects like industrial facilities and office spaces, and tips that will help you be generally more productive! 

Our class agenda focuses on four main areas: equipment, control and coordinate systems, field challenges, and productivity enhancers, which include: 

  • Scanner pros and cons and best use cases for different project types

  • The most suitable scenarios for using drones and photogrammetry

  • How to properly incorporate a control system into your scanning workflow to make downstream registration seamless

  • Best practices for scanning large projects productively, including properly managing multiple scanners and optimizing your staff

  • Tips and hacks for scanning in low light or highly reflective surfaces like glass or mirrors

  • How to deal with shaking and instability issues

Nail your data collection on your next Scan to BIM project, selecting the right equipment and implementing robust, targeted scanning workflows that will make project completion significantly more productive!


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