Verity Feature Demonstrations

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Verity Usability Enhancements Feature

The usability enhancements feature in Verity helps users better interact with a piece of as-built geometry by using mouse-over and mode-based highlighting in the projected views. The two as-built measurement tools are also utilized to show which objects will be used by showing its opacity and how much measurement to take.

Verity BIM360 Field Integration Feature

Issue tracking integration for BIM360 in Verity can be used to create draft issues that show up in the web app and can be used for varies purposes such as different party assignment or updating new information. This integration also creates faster and smoother publishing for images, data, descriptions and HTML reports to these draft issues for the BIM360 platform.

Introduction to Verity Construction Verificat

Verity software from ClearEdge3D compares laser scan point clouds against design & fabrication models, allowing users to verify 100% of their work in the time it currently takes to spot check 5%. The software allows our customers to create more accurate models while saving both time and money, helping find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.

Verity Favorite Enhancements Feature

Take a look at our favorite features in Verity where users can easily observe the geometry loaded into Verity that surrounds each item with our neighboring geometry feature, get better views in your reports thanks to our new default view algorithms, and stop worrying about running out of disk space thanks to smaller Verity file sizes!

Verity Review Enhancements Feature

Check out the review enhancements made in Verity that helps make adjusting the fit of the items in Verity more efficient due to a more refined rotation tool and axis constrained movement. It also automatically regenerates the heatmap when using or returning to an item or when a report is generated.

Verity BIM Track Integration Feature

BIM Track integration in Verity tracks API to connect and publish items as issues to all available authoring applications supported by BIM Track. After uploading these issues, users will be able to view them from multiple different angles such as plan, section, elevation, etc. as well as view them within the context of the model using pinpoints.

Verity Table Enhancements Feature

In our table enhancement feature in Verity, discover the X, Y & Z location columns that report each item’s centroid, the new percentage coverage column to help you focus your quality assurance process, and the table counters that keep track of how many scans and items you have in your Verity analysis.


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